About me



Where I’m from…

I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa to a family of food lovers! After school, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a degree in Hospitality Management at the University of Pretoria. Upon completion of this degree, it was simply not enough! While working as first an assistant and then a lecturer I  enrolled for a Masters Degree in Food Management.  Whilst still in the midst Masters my husband and I decided to make a move to start exploring Asia. We moved to Hong Kong in 2014. Navigating the organised chaos that is Hong Kong was definitely a challenge but we have been very blessed thus far. I completed my degree while abroad and even though there were some challenges I started to pursue various food writing opportunities.

Where I am now…

In Hong Kong, my main aim was to immerse myself in the culture. I am a firm believer that there is no point in living abroad if you are just going to base your whole existence on your home comforts. We live in a fairly local part of Hong Kong and I don’t think I would have it any other way. I’ve learned so much about this country, it’s people and the culture and I feel like there’s more to learn every day. Alouthgh I’m definitely still trying to get hang of the language!

I feel very blessed to be in a country where the exposure to world-class restaurants is an amazing adventure. My kitchen is really small and my equipment is limited so I currently develop recipes that are possible for even the most inexperienced of cooks. I write, develop my own recipes and take photos for my own blog as well as for a popular Hong Kong publication. This has also afforded me the amazing opportunity to eat amazing food, see amazing restaurants and meet amazing people.

Apart from our Hong Kong adventure, we travel whenever possible. I think the world needs to see the variety there is in Asia. Yes, I know your best friend went on Honeymoon to Koh Phi Phi and your uncle once went on a business trip to Shanghai but do you know how much there is to see? And more importantly…how much there is to taste?

Where I’m going…

My plan is to continue travelling, continue writing and continue sharing. I want to bring Asia to South Africans and also bring a little bit of my beloved Africa to Asia. I hope that the experiences I’ve had in Hong Kong translate into making me a more rounded individual in terms of both my career and personal life. Let me know if you’re ever in town, if you want to meet up or if you want to collaborate. I promise I’ll have both the milktart and dim sum ready!



Leandi Archer