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I’m a sucker for delicious mexican food but I seem to always be dissapointed. What you normally end up with is almost always over spiced, chili-laden chicken on top of some stale Doritos (there’s nothing wrong with Doritos on their own, they’re just not an ingredient!). That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised by Jo Mexican.

A tequila to start off with

Location and setting

Jo Mexican is located in the Eastdale Pavilion Shopping Centre. It is quite an obscure setting. I wouldn’t even have know it was there if it wasn’t for the signage and seating visible from Jacqueline and Garsfontein drive. The restaurant itself is decked out in the quintessential sombrero chic and it is clear that the environment is casual and relaxed. The space is decorated with brightly coloured flags and tables as well as Spanish wording, however it is quite dimly lit during the evenings which always make spaces feel a little dingy. We were greated warmly and seated immediately.


Menu and Food

The menu has everything you would expect from a Mexican restaurant such as Jalapeno poppers, Tacos, Enchiladas, Chimichanga, Burritos and Nachos. There are also a few surprise elements on the menu such as corndogs, unusual but not entirely unpleasant.

We ordered a Fajita Bowl, a Burrito and some nachos as well as the Jalapeño poppers and corndog as a starter. The Jalapeño poppers can only be described as hot. I have a pretty spicy pallet and nearly lost a few tastebuds in the process- not for the fainthearted! The nachos were crispy with well seasoned beef and a welcome side of sour cream, salsa and guacamole as they were quite dry. The burrito was good value for money as it was quite a large portion, it was oven-baked and served in the oven-proof dish which was a nice rustic touch. The highlight however were the fajita bowls. You would think that anything not smothered in cheese would be a waste… but you would be wrong. Everything about this dish was right! From the flavouring of the rice to the juiciness of the chicken right up to the ratio of vegetables to meat. 10/10 would eat again!

For dessert we ordered churros which were disappointing. I believe that they were cooked from frozen so they didn’t have any crisp sides and they had an overpowering eggy taste. They were also not piped with the traditional star-shaped nozzle which gave them a rather uhm…odd appearance. The chocolate dipping sauce had a ganache consistency which was quite delicious.

Jo Mexican Churros



We found the menu to be fairly reasonably priced. Prepare to spend around R35,00-R45,00 for a starter and R65,00-R85,00 for a main course. The portions are large so in general the meals are good value for money.



Overall Jo Mexican is a good place for a casual night out. The menu consists of comfort food to suit a nice cold beer on a Friday night. Staff members are friendly, waiters are efficient and there may even be a free tequila in the mix.


Address: 80 Jacqueline Dr, Garsfontein, Pretoria

Tel: 087 654 4914H


This review reflects the opinion of the reviewer and is based on the experience on a certain date and at a certain time. This is not a paid for review and is aimed at an being an objective evaluation.

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