Cool down this Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Ok so to be fair, I never really had a white Christmas but the last couple of years in Hong Kong were completely different from what I was used to. Suddenly November and December was cold (wait what?), we could actually wear Christmas jumpers (amazing) and warm Christmas pudding finally made sense! I quite liked the feeling of Christmas in winter as a lot of the general traditions and food such as eggnog, mince pies, roast meals and warm desserts just suited the weather a lot more. Don’t get me wrong we still manage to dig into a bit of pud in South Africa but in our sunny December climate, it doesn’t feel as normal.

Family Feuds

The one thing that is the same, wherever we go however is that no one ever agrees about what should be done for Christmas or Christmas Eve. Should we go out to eat? Should we cook? But then who is going to be doing the cooking or even worse, the cleaning up?! This one only wants roast lamb but that one doesn’t eat lamb, this one want roasted potatoes but what about sweet potato? This is one is gluten free, this one is on a keto kick and then one only eats organic cruelty free produce that was handpicked by a 120 year old monk in inner Mongolia. It really doesn’t end! So… I have made peace with the fact that you can’t please everybody, so why not please yourself? Especially if you’re the one doing the cooking!

Simple traditional with a twist

I am a firm believer that simple food is best… Once food becomes to complicated you lose the integrity of the ingredients, and you lose too much their natural texture and flavour. I also think that classic foods are classic for a reason so this year a lot of my Christmas menu will be based on classics that I’ve reinvented for ease of cooking, as well as to suit the South African summer sun! I call it cooling down Christmas, in terms of temperatures but also in terms of tempers! Let’s see if we can survive the festive season together. Keep an eye out of the blog in the next couple of weeks for delicious summer Christmas recipes!


P.S. In the mean time…bake my delicious sugar and spice Christmas cookies!

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