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Hong Kong staycation: Ovolo Southside, Wong Chuk Hang

Take a break!

They say a change is as good as a holiday and boy did I need a holiday this December! Ever get that feeling that the year is just too long? I knew that it was time to take a break every time I looked in the mirror. So with limited time and even fewer funds we decided to plan a stay-cation in Hong Kong.

Now, one thing you need to know if you’ve never been to Hong Kong is that it is rather expensive. Accommodation can be exorbitant sometimes, so staying in a 5-star hotel was not an option (bye-bye en suite bathtub!). What we found, however, was exactly what we needed.

Child at heart

Being the grown-ups that we are we decided to centre our stay around one of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions, Ocean Park. We had never been as it seemed like a good a time as any to give it a go. My husband came up with the idea to look for inclusive packages as many are available for a visit to Ocean Park. There are many vacation packages available here: 

 Happy hour = Happy Heart

We ended up deciding on the Ovolo Southside for several reasons. First, the website. I am super visual and the website was very eye-catching and easy to use. Next, if you book through their website (traveller tip: if you can always book through the hotel’s website) there are so many added benefits:

  • Happy hour is free. Yes, you read that correctly FREE happy hour in Hong Kong. Wine, beer and soft drinks as well as snacks between 6-8pm.
  • The mini bar is FREE. Yes, once again, free mini bar if you book through the hotel website. They even have a cute little welcoming snack bag in case you got hungry on your way there. I travelled from Kowloon and I was hungry, don’t judge me…
  • Breakfast was included in our booking and for a continental breakfast included in a hotel package, it was really good.
  • Coffee, tea, water and biscuits are available 24 hours a day.
  • Booming music in public areas and in the lift. It’s like living in an 80’s party.

Happy hour Ovolo Southside Happy hour drinks

Ovolo Southside

Overall, I was really impressed by this hotel. The industrial architecture and design of the facilities give an extra edge to the run of the mill hotel look. The staff members were super friendly and helpful and our check-in and check-out went smoothly.

Deluxe Corner RoomOvolo Bedroom

We booked a corner deluxe room with a view over Ocean Park and although it was slightly noisy, it didn’t really bother us. If you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while you get used to the hustle and bustle. I loved how open the space seemed due to the large windows and my husband was fascinated by the electronically controlled windows. The beds and seating area were tastefully decorated and very comfortable. The only negative I could really write about the room was that there was a desperate need for dusting behind a lot of the furniture. I dropped an earring between a cabinet and the window and it was so dusty I had to rummage to retrieve my jewellery.

As far as location this hotel was perfect for our visit to Ocean Park. It was just far enough removed from the city centre to feel like a getaway and yet we could hop on the MTR and be in Central in a few stops. Plus it’s proximity to Ocean Park makes it great for adventurers and families alike! I’ve read mixed reviews about restaurants being available in the area we were happy with what was available for our two-night stay. We ate delicious pizza at an Italian restaurant and had pho the following evening. There is also a Pizza Express and Starbucks right down the street.

All’s well that ends well

This break was exactly what I needed. Even though we didn’t travel anywhere the modern facilities and added services of the hotel made this break relaxing and enjoyable. If you want to see more visit their website and make sure to make your booking there:

Ovolo Southside

64 Wong Chuk Hang, Southside, Hong Kong 


All the views expressed in this article are solely that of the writer. The writer bears no affiliation with the Ovolo Hotels or any other third party related to the hotel or it’s holding company.
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