Confessions of a tiny kitchen: Kitchen shopping in Hong Kong

Whether you’ve lived in Hong Kong for all your life or whether you’re brand new you’ll know that there is something new to discover every day. When I first moved to Hong Kong I was so overwhelmed by basically everything that the mere thought of having to buy something simple sent me into a dizzying panic. This is not an exaggeration, this actually happened a few times (*cue flashbacks of me crying in a fetal position on the couch because I couldn’t find balloons for a kids birthday party!). However, I think I have managed to pull myself together in the last couple of years -thank goodness- and to avoid anyone else being in this predicament I would love to share one of my favourite places with you: Kitchen Street in Kowloon!

If you’re in need of anything kitchen related, this is the place to find it! From the tiniest tip for a piping bag or a dainty cookie cutter to a fully equipped industrial fridge, you’ll find it here!

Note: This article is 100% based on my own opinions, none of the statements made have been paid for by any of the companies mentioned, in fact, I’ve spent way more money than I should have whilst writing it.

How to get there?

Like all transport in Hong Kong, super easy. Just take the Kwun Tong or Tsuen Wan line to Yau Ma Tei Station. Now…here’s the confession part. Even though I go there very frequently I always manage to take the wrong MTR exit and end up getting lost for at least 15 minutes. So this time I took a picture of the exit (you’re welcome):


If you come out of Exit B2 walk straight on until you see the red brick building on your left. This is a famous although very small heritage site. Formerly the Engineer’s Office for the old Water Pumping Station on Shanghai Street, it is the oldest surviving building of a water pumping station under the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department. When you see this building cross the road to meet it and you’ll be in Shanghai street. The kitchen supply stores start in in Shanghai street just behind this building.

What to buy where?

Ok, so another confession or rather admission I don’t speak Cantonese and definitely cannot read any so if you want to follow my advice you’ll largely have to rely on pictures.

  • For knives go here:  Luen Pun Kitchen and Bath, 307-309 Shanghai street

I highly recommend buying your knives from this shop. They have a wide variety of blades available and are more than willing to give you advice on which knife to invest in. They also sell a wide variety of other items including moulds, baking sheets, frying pans, cutlery etc.

  • For small-scale appliances: W Pro Kitchen, 329 Shanghai street

If you’re in the market for a Kitchen-Aid, blender, food processor or anything of the sort I would recommend going to W Pro Kitchen. They have a very good variety of products to choose from.

  • For anything baking related: I <3 Cake, 338 Shanghai street

This shop sells absolutely anything you need for baking from equipment like cookie cutters, baking sheets and spatulas to ingredients like food colouring, fondant, flour and nuts. They also have a lovely loyalty program which gives you 5% off when you’re a VIP member.

  • For any wooden items: Woodwork Professor, 333-339 Shanghai Street

Whether you want to make some mooncakes, need a perfect wooden rolling pin or if you’re simply in need of a chopping board, the Woodwork Professor has beautifully handcrafted items all of which are of very good quality.

These are just a few of my favourite spots in Shanghai street and I am certain that there is a lot more to explore! I hope that you find this post useful and that your tiny kitchen expands as quickly as mine is!




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