Healthy snack for kids: Banana Cereal ‘Sushi’ bite

These bites are so simple and use very few, easy to find ingredients. They are colourful and fun so kids love to eat them and they are healthy so ideal as a snack or even for breakfast!


Choco sushi

Banana Cereal Sushi Bites (makes 15-18 bites)


3 bananas

45 ml greek yoghurt

1 small box of coco pops

1 small box of frosties cereal

Cupcake confetti (optional)



  1. In two separate zip lock bags carefully crush the coco pops and frosties to make them finer. Ad cupcake confetti if you wish to make them more colourful.

     2.Peel the banana and slather on the Greek yoghurt to cover the entire surface of the banana.

  1. Carefully roll the bananas in your topping making sure the banana is covered all over.
  2. Cut each banana into five or six pieces.
  3. Serve them with chopstick for added fun.



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