Review: Fûhn (Causeway Bay): Good 'pho' sure!

Since we’ve travelled to Vietnam I have been pho obsessed! I find it to be a very indulgent and comforting meal sans the guilt of french fries or mac and cheese (I’m a self-confessed carb addict #sorrynotsorry). Luckily in Hong Kong pho recently has not been that hard to find thanks to the likes of restaurants like Brass Spoon, Pho bar and Bêp! I recently heard about the opening of Fuhn (American style Pho) in Causeway Bay and  I was immediately interested, mostly due to the fu(h!)n name and the catchy slogan “It’s fuh, not pho!” The name even has a quirky accent to symbolize a traditional Vietnamese hat.

ticket stub fuhn (1)

Fûhn only takes reservations from Monday to Thursday for their dinner service so in true Hong Kong style we got ready to wait in line forever and a day, but were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were seated. This might be attributed to the fact that we arrived early (around 19:30) because when we left around an hour later the restaurant was packed and a crowd was gathering. The atmosphere is vibrant and animated, loud music filled the room and it was clear that customers were comfortable. The seating is slightly crowded (not uncommon in Hong Kong) so if you want to make it a social event make sure to arrive early and try to secure one of the window booths that look out onto the street. The booths are also equipped with water dispensers which I felt was a nice touch.


Avo shake Fuhn.jpg
Signature Avocado milkshake


The menu has a wide variety s of pho, vermicelli noodles and snacks and vegetarian options are also available.  The pho comes in one of three sizes: regular, large or x-large and we ordered the ‘rare steak pho’ in large (HK$68) and x-large (HK$78) mostly to see what the difference in size is. What arrived was definitely value for money. The servings are generous and a large pho can easily be shared between two. The X-large is definitely a family (or large very hungry man) sized portion. As far as flavour is concerned with pho it’s all about the broth and Fûhn did not disappoint. The broth was fragrant and packed with flavour- cloves being the most obvious aromatic used. I also noticed that some tables were served with big bunches of primer herbs (perhaps only on request) which could have even added more flavour to this dish. The beef was not sliced very thinly (this is a personal preference) but it was still very tender. We opted for the thin noodles which were chewy and light.


Pho at Fuhn
Large Rare Steak Pho


Overall the pho at Fuhn is good value for money. It is a good restaurant for a quick wholesome meal or could be an exciting place for a night out with friends. They even have a loyalty card if you are a regular pho fanatic. Make sure you arrive early to get a good seat! I know I’ll be back pho more!


Find them here:

1/F, The L. Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

2219 8328



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