Five reasons to visit Barcelona, now!

I was recently fortunate enough to take a short break in the lovely city of Barcelona. Up until now I have not written anything simply because I couldn’t decide where to start. Barcelona is one of those places that you just have to experience for yourself. It is a vibrant mix of old and new, of art and food of people and their history. Here are my top five reasons to visit Barcelona as soon as you can:

  1. The beauty

Barcelona is truly one of the most beautiful places that I have visited. Whether you are walking through the stalls in La Rambla or meandering through the Gothic Quarter on your way to the Picasso Museum you cannot help to be moved by the visual pull of everything around you. From the classic architecture to the graffiti covered walls (read everything) the sights are overwhelming. One can easily spend a day or two just looking at the city itself.

 2. The culture

Relating to this is the culture in Barcelona. Old and new are perfectly intertwined in a city that is modern but has not lost its history and culture. You can immerse yourself in the history of the Catalans by learning more about the Catalan Revolt atop the picturesque Mont Juïc (take the cable car), take gander at the modern art strewn throughout the Gotic quarter, take a quiet moment in a cathedral or visit one of the many museums. Furthermore Barcelona is characterized by many of Gaudi’s most inspired work- something you cannot miss even if you try.

 3. The weather


This might be due to the fact that I travelled from Hong Kong which currently feels similar in temperature to the earth’s core, but the weather was absolutely amazing. Sunny, but not too hot with a lovely breeze in the late afternoon. The weather in Barcelona is  typically pleasant for most of the year. With the availability of gorgeous beaches I would recommend visiting anywhere from May to the end of July.

 4. The people

Catalan people are friendly, warm and welcoming. They want to share their city, their culture and their stories. It takes one evening with a table of tapas and a pitcher of Sangria to feel like you have belonged in Barcelona all your life.

 5. The food…oh the food

This aspect definitely warrants a blog post all on its own. But my most compelling reason for visiting Barcelona is definitely the food. You can eat everyday, all day for an entire week and not make a dent in what the culinary scene has to offer. Most notably is definitely the jamon Iberico de bellota, mountains of chorizo, crisp baguettes with wonderful fillings, ice cold gin and tonics and sangria and gelato around every corner. (watch this space for a post devoted to food and restaurants)

If you are planning a Eurotrip any time soon, put Barcelona on the top of your list… thank me later!

Happy travels!

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