Everyone's a food blogger

With the current state of social media everyone is a food critic, everyone is a reviewer and everyone is a photographer. I think this is great! In the least it makes my decision on where to eat that much easier. Furthermore it says heaps about the social nature of food. In Hong Kong there is a saying… “Phone eats first” and here as in many other places this is really true. To the dismay of my husband I often spend a good 10 or 20 minutes taking pictures of my food (and of his?) before we are allowed to eat. ¬†For me however this is not a side effect of the social media trend, it’s not because I want to show off all the amazing places I get to eat, it is genuinely a love of food. A love of the sights, smells, textures and theatre that often accompanies a meal. For me food is much more than nourishment, it is art, it is science and is is a way of life. I hope to share this love with you here and encourage you to comment and share with your friends in the foodie community.

I currently live in Hong Kong where the best of Western and Asian flavours meet. Apart from exploring restaurants, cafes and dai pai dong’s I also test and develop my own recipes in my tiny Hong Kong kitchen. I use my understanding of the scientific processes in food preparation to improve and have fun with cooking. I’m open to questions and suggestions so feel free to contact me!



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